Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Folkform: Masonite: Memoriam

The Swedish design duo called Folkform first became known for their flower-pressed masonite projects a few years back. It must have been love at first cut, because they are working with the same pressed wood-fiber material. When Sweden's last masonite manufacturer was closing its doors for good, the duo saw the opportunity to use some rare samples of masonite dating back to 1929.
I must say the overall design is nothing extraordinary: square legs with relatively normal proportioned bodies, lending itself to a sort of craft look. But what I do like is the patterns of colors and surface textures, because it reminds me of a quilt and gives a kind of nostalgic feeling. To possibly read into it too much, the designers wanted to remind people of Sweden's producing past, jobs that are now being outsourced. The bittersweet reminiscent feeling the patchwork gives may be intended to have you feel that the past was this golden time we should look back on in admiration.

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