Monday, January 14, 2013

Hans Ebbing, Ton Haas, Paul Schudel: Late 70s Fundamentals

Designers Hans Ebbing, Ton Haas, and Paul Schudel attended School of the Arts in Arnhem in the late 70s where they studied the fundamentals of form under Gijs Baker (later the cofounder of Droog Design). There isn't much online about this quietly iconic trio, except for Ton Haas' website, so if anyone out there can fill me in on their stories, it would be appreciated!

One thing I like about their work is how the forms are derived from the tools they had at hand to sketch them, often coming in the form as a sheet. In looking at Ebbing's lamp you can see how he folded pieces of paper along with some dowels or wire. The same with the chair he collaborated with Tom Haas, which to me looks like it started in cardboard. In Paul Schudel's clock one can imagine him in the workshop sandblasting a sheet of acrylic to achieve the right about of diffusion.

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