Thursday, January 26, 2012

D3 2012: New Talent p1

Some of you may or may not know, but the past week I was showing my sofa Jam at the Imm Cologne Furniture Fair in the D3 Contest. It was such a great opportunity to meet like minded people who are full of passion and drive for their work. I'll be putting together the next three posts covering the other young designers and what they showed. enjoy!

Miya Kondo is a Canadian designer who studied and currently lives in the Netherlands. Her Composition Light is a family of objects that are able to create different atmospheres of light depending on how they are composed.

Tim Mackerodt is a German designer from Kassel who showed his pendant lamp FALT.leuchte and the fair. This lamp uses a unique fiber-reinforced concrete that is actually folded to make the form.

This is Tick by Jakob Schenk of Schenkworks. Jakob, a German-based designer, uses a bent metal structure to create legs for any table-like surface. (I can't wait to buy a set of these)

This is the winning design of the competition, the Gravity Stool by Jolan van der Wiel of Amsterdam. By using a magnetic material and manipulating magnetic fields, Jolan created a machine that grows it's own products. You should check out the video here

I've been following Formafantasma for little over a year now and it was exciting to walk into the booth and see this bulbous, low chair called Domestica. Based on rural crafts and its archetypes, the chair is more of a recollection of the container farmers used to wear on their backs to carry the harvest.

Magnus Pettersen is a Norwegian designer who currently works and lives in London. With his lamp Tint, Magus decides to contradict the cold, hard materials of glass and concrete by creating a warm soft light.

The Frame Chair by the Berlin-based designer Stephanie Jasny is made to pay homage to the classical Thonet chair. In order to bring this curvy coffee-shop chair into the modern day, Stephanie uses a square cross section and tinted wood to create a crisp and refreshing update to the classic chair.

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