Monday, November 1, 2010

Peter Marigold

The other day my good friend Jack reminded me of the London based designer Peter Marigold. His work is smart and graphically exquisite.

TAN mirrors: "Hung at different heights, the loop of rope sitting in a groove cradles the mirrors and will always form a perfect tangent to the circle." (I want these)

Shop sign bird houses: "A series of seven bird houses made from salvaged shop signs and crate material. The folds in the material are unmeasured resulting in a series of irregular coloured shapes.

The regularity of forms that populate our modern man made environment are driven by the economical use of materials and machinery. An invitation to use waste material is also an invitation to use wasteful geometry that is non-the less as quick to create as a regular form. Seen together, a logical rythmic quality seems to appear."

Split: "The series uses the simple geometric principle that the inverted angles of a shape split into pieces will always add up to 360 degrees.
The angles can be interchanged but will always form a whole. The resulting forms are both imperfect yet perfectly complete."

That last image of its installation at Paul Smith in Milan absolutely kills me

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