Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The classic: Form vs. Function

Design philosophy is becoming a big part of my thinking these days. I'm curious what drives people to buy certain objects or why I agree with one design over the other.

This morning Dezeen had posted the new Zaha Hadid proposal for a theater in Morocco. It was interesting to watch the comments add up all day; it's the classic fight over form vs. function. While I don't know how Zaha worked on the design, but the function of it being a theater hasn't been addressed at all in the proposal, (the interior was not shown). I'm sure you can tell from my posts that I believe the purpose of an object should drive the design and the form is an added or integrated beauty.

I believe that people out there are catching on and getting tired of designs that are purely form based with function or an arbitrary meaning slapped on at the end. At times like this, where money is a driving force for most, we need objects with a purpose first and beauty should be a given. I believe these purely form based objects, or "skins" of objects, are sculptures and not design.


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