Thursday, April 30, 2009

Will Carey: Nano Ecologies 2008

From RCA's Design Interactions program, Will Carey gives us a new look into the world of nano-technology and bringing it into the product world.

Nano-Ecologies-2008 from Will Carey on Vimeo.

From his website: "'Nano ecologies' proposes a sustainable cycle that aims to make the science behind nano-enriched food accessible to all. For this scenario, we re-invented a commercial product, in this case, a drink that you modify after purchase. Activate the nano-capsules containing your chosen ingredients, and once consumed, the remaining inactive nano-particles will simply pass through your body to be harvested from bodily secretions. In turn, these can then be used as food, cosmetics and medicines. This cycle of self-sufficiency is made possible by using microbial cells and enzymes present in our bodies. The reformulation of nano-particles could then be used to produce dedicated substances, in this instance by feeding the secretions to the goose, that reformulate these particles enabling them to be controlled and manufactured within the home."

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Eddy DeMartino said...

hey we featured him and this project at Spring last year, in the Revolution show. It's so well thought out.