Sunday, March 23, 2008

Redesigned Medicine: Jay Hyung Hong

cup packet- the user can reuse the pill package as a paper cup for their water

you are getting better day by day- as the tablets get smaller, the amount of medicine inside stays the same. the shrinking visual should psychologically affect the patient into thinking they are better.

rolling band aid- the redesign for this package allows shipping expenses to be reduced to a third and no more paper trash!

candy pills- with information, effects, and prescription around each pill like candy wrappers, the user will never be left in the dark.

Jay Hyung Hong redesigns your medicine cabinet.


Eddy DeMartino said...

OHMYGOD its so gooood!

Unknown said...

that is fantastic... do they really have these? if so I hope my next cure is in something creative like that. its also earth friendly packaging and encouraging recycling - i like it a lot :)

great blog!