Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A light a day: Ross Lovegrove

Given my recent lighting assignment I will be posting a different lighting design every day until I decide that I'm completely sick of lights.

The first thing I saw from Lovegrove was his Supernatural-Chair a few years ago. His designs reminded me very much of one of my favorite designers Marc Newson because of his bright colors and organic-meets-plastic forms.

I was reminded today of Lovegrove when I ran across a picture of his Pod Lens outdoor lights. Though the design is now 10 years old, it still looks reasonably modern and stylish to me.

Lovegrove continues to awe me with his range of designs; from an elegant freestanding bathroom basin, to a DNA staircase, to a bottle design that makes you want to drink eight cups a day... this man just doesn't miss a mark.

He even makes office-space fluorescent bulbs look sexy:

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Anonymous said...

thats pretty sexy, i drink from tat!! ^_~