Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Ultimate Coffee Cup

For the late nights in the studio, perhaps we should be drinking from the Ultimate Coffee cup.

I think this coffee cup is a design created from abstraction. Much like I learn at Pratt, I like to think that the creator saw a water drop in motion and decided to make that form into a cup. There is a feeling of weightlessness to it that most coffee cups do not have. I am disappointed, however, in the decision of joining the bottom half of the handle to the cup's form; I do not think it works well with the movement of the cup. If anything the hard joint of the handle to the cup stops the continuous eye movement
(but perhaps that is a good thing?).

Designed and sculpted by David Pier


Anonymous said...

This is the ideal cup! Can it be ordered and sent internationally?

Troy said...

I think what you say about the joining of the handle to the cup makes sense, but from a practical point of view, the way the hand is holding it in the lower right picture could be compromised, and thus not as functional. Form following function.